Okay Donald, congrats… Please, PLEASE, don’t be a duck.


(OK, one full  moon and she’s becoming sentimental)


Well, you say you want to change the world?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re ready too.

But after all the stories we’ve been told

How could we know you really do?


First stop talking about « some minorities »

If you truly want to fight segregation

History proves that creating disparities

Has never done any good to any nation.


Though, who are we to discuss your elected president?

He seems to give you hope and this ain’t nothing.

I sincerely wish he won’t play with your first amendment

And that we won’t never have to watch him dancing .


Still, let me be clear on this

I am not trying to evangelize Hillary,

It’s not big news, we know she sucks,

Only William would disagree.


Thus if you’d try to talk with us

We’d be willing to understand

Instead of fight we could discuss

Before everything is out of hand


And if you picked up the wrong guys

Well you know what? So did we!

See, there’s no need to apologize

We all one day have felt lonely.















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